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Welld's Network Ensures National Capacity for Community Preventative Healthcare


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Welld's Features Increase Enrollment and Reduce Overhead


Referral Engine

Keep everything digital with EMR/Fax integration, plus workflows to track your progress processing referrals.

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Program Engine

Collect your health data through structure assessment programs to produce viable outcomes data and easy reports.

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Claims Engine

Generate insurance claims using standardized fee schedules, based on the wellness programs you already run.

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Integrations With Your Critical Systems

Smart devices, connected equipment, member management systems, other electronic health records. Each are a source or destination for secure protected health data. Welld handles the technology so you can coach your participants. 
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Welld's Solutions Guide You to Success

Check-in Reimbursement Programs (CHIRPs)

Welld seamlessly handles all aspects of your insurance reimbursement programs. Whether Optum Renew Active, OnePass, Active & Fit, Silver & Fit, or another program - Welld will help you grow your program population, track KPI's, and distribute earnings as needed for your organization.


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Payer Networks You Can Join or Start

In addition to our own network of communities around the country, many of our customers have developed reimbursement networks for specific programs. 


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A Health Program for Everyone

When it comes to collecting health data, and demonstrating health outcomes, a structured program means trust. People trust programs when they have defined protocols, scheduled assessments, and guides along the path to health. 

Welld offers a library of onboarding, lifestyle, and chronic disease programs to engage your audience. Browse our library for instant deployment (we've featured 26 of the 60+ programs we've built), or work with our team to configure your specific program.


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Trusted by Industry Innovators


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Kevin Dehlinger, Executive Director Sportsclub Fitness & Wellness

“A local manufacturing plant was looking for a better exercise experience for their employees. I’ve loved Welld for my physician referred program, but by connecting BMW into my Welld platform, I’ve given a key partner the tools they need while opening an entire new channel for memberships. “

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Vince Ranalli Director

Vince Ranalli Director of Chronic Disease Prevention YMCA of Greater Pittsburgh

Our conversion to the Welld platform has been exceptionally smooth. Since we transferred in May, Welld has allowed us to not only report directly to the CDC through their DPRP standards but also report directly to other large companies that we work with. In the near future we are going to be adding new programming to our locations at the YMCA of Greater Pittsburgh. While we prepare for this next phase it is great to know that Welld is ready and waiting for us to make this next step. They already have the platform for us to add programs like Blood Pressure Self Monitoring, Livestrong at the YMCA and many others. This is one less hurdle we will need to cross when we make the decision to expand!

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Sally Sundar

Sally Sundar, Program Executive, Health Integration, YMCA of Greater Seattle

"Welld is extremely user-friendly and intuitive. We do not experience the challenges we did with previous systems that were cumbersome and extremely labor-intensive for our staff. We find it easy to track participant progress, review outcomes on the program dashboard, and pull reports at the individual and aggregate levels. We foresee working with Welld to expand this functionality to many more programs and even more traditional healthy living work at the YMCA, so it can be a one-stop shop for our healthy living and community integrated health needs."

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Janelle Coughlin

Janelle Coughlin, Ph.D. Johns Hopkins Medicine

“It has been a pleasure to work with an established, efficient team of platform developers who are able to understand and apply behavioral science into practice. The Welld team has partnered with our Johns Hopkins team to take evidence based methods and translate them into a practical, intuitive platform for tracking behaviors, monitoring progress, delivering education and interfacing with behavioral coaching.”

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