Referral Management

Never lose another medical referral to confusion and misdirection again. With Welld, you can receive medical referrals automatically, log your contacts with each prospect, set their goals, and refer them to the right program for their needs.
Referral Management Screen

Program Engine

At its core, Welld is a program engine that uses configurations to support virtually any kind of fitness and wellness program. Whether 30 days or 30 months, routine assessments or weekly weigh-ins, remote education or in-person delivery, Welld can provide the documentation and data needed to measure the impact of the program on the individual, the business, and the community.
Program Engine Screens

Insurance, Claims, & Reimbursement

You've heard the talk: insurance claims are a great way to source additional revenue for the programs you're already running. PHIT Act is coming soon. Registered Dietitians can make back their labor costs. Diabetes Prevention can earn good money for a cohort of participants. To help you capture these funds, Welld has the features to verify insurance information for your members and trigger the claims.
Welld Claims Screen

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Electronic Wellness Record | EWRTM

Welld's innovative Electronic Wellness Record provides program participants, employees, and patients an easy way to track their progress right from their phone. With the mobile app, they can watch videos, check their goals, and maybe even start tracking a health indicator they haven't thought of before. The app is available for both iOS and Android.
Welld Mobile App

Corporate and Medical Outreach

We all already know, the success of a good physician referred program or corporate wellness program is dependent on referrals. And to get those referrals, a proper outreach program is needed. Welld supports your outreach activities, letting you keep notes on the doctors, practices, and companies that you've visited, emailed, and called. What makes Welld unique is our organic intelligence platform that helps you target your outreach. Using referral and conversion counts, you'll easily access your top targets, and know whether your efforts are paying off.
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