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Our Programs Library

Selection is important. Having a variety of programs to choose from keeps people interested in their health and motivated to stay engaged. Welld offers a variety of prevention and chronic care programs, Corporate Challenges / Workplace Wellness programs and custom programming to help everyone find a program that fits their goal.



Monetization Strategies

Our best-in-class platform is specifically built by industry experts to support a continuous flow of participants through bottom-line building workflows. Our features enable you to tap additional sources of revenue, like insurance-covered memberships, traditional healthcare and invoice-based billing with regional payers.
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Healthcare Interoperability

Receiving and processing referrals efficiently and effectively are keys to a thriving healthcare integration. Sending progress back to referring physicians completes the healthcare loop. Welld makes it easy to process paper referrals through intuitive screens, but it also provides a set of digital features to ease paperwork, automate data flow, and streamline operations.

Welld Security and Audits

Welld Health places data security at the core of our mission. After all, your patients and participants demand assurances that the data you collect is protected. Welld Health has achieved SOC 2 Type 2 compliance for the security and availability Trust Service Principles.
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Welld partners with the leading technologies and companies to provide our customers an integrated experience. It does not matter who collects the data, let's just make sure the right data gets to the right people at the right time. Browse our inventory of partnerships to learn more about data collection tools, member management systems, CDC and state health department partnerships, and more.

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