Welld CHIRPs brings you:



Automated processes that free up your staff

Keep your current front desk process - no re-training and no new devices!

  • Easy self sign-up screens with instant eligibility verification
  • Automatic new prospect records appear in your membership system
  • Nightly facility usage reports for each active member
  • Automatic export of check-in history for reimbursement 



Accurate reconciliation & reporting

What makes Welld better? We configure your fee schedule into Welld so the amount you are owed vs what’s actually paid is transparent to all parties.

  • Support for multiple insurance check-in programs and fee schedules
  • Ongoing eligibility verification identifies ineligible/expired members  
  • Better reporting makes it easier to negotiate better rates



Claims processing experience 

The same powerful technology that has successfully processed millions in claims can be used by clubs of all sizes.

  • All eligible check-ins are accurately reimbursed and reported
  • Allocate payments across to multiple locations per member, not just one “home club”


Revenue opportunities

Make the most of insurance membership relationships through Welld’s structured data.

  • Easily identify opportunities to upsell additional classes
  • Work with plans to offer membership wraparound services such as nutrition counseling, diabetes prevention and more

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