Structured Programs

Collect your health data through structure assessment programs to produce viable outcomes data.

Referral Management

At its core, Welld is a program engine that uses configurations to support virtually any kind of fitness and wellness program. Whether 30 days or 30 months, routine assessments or weekly weigh-ins, remote education or in-person delivery, Welld provides the documentation and workflows to measure the impact of the program for the individual, the business, and the community.

Digital Fax Providers

Choose from Existing or Develop Your Own

Check out our library of existing programs or tell us about the programs you run. We quickly configure your program, with your name, and your recipe. Whether your program is offered in-person or virtually - Welld helps you capture the data most important to you.

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Business and Health Outcomes

Begin with the end in mind. Why would we type all of this data into a system? To understand if what you are doing works. Are your participants meeting their goals? Are their biometrics moving in the right direction? Is the business making any money offering these programs? Welld helps you capture the needed data, then generates simple reports to answer these questions.


Eligibility, Liability, Assessments and Goals

Welld has the forms you need to ensure compliance and program fidelity. From complex eligibility rules in the National DPP (add link) and nutrition counseling, to the numerous biometric, functional movement, and quality of life assessments found in medical integration programs, Welld makes the data entry simple and easy. And don't forget goal tracking! Coaches and participants collaborate to set goals and track progress.

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Education and Activity Tracking

Education is a key component in the fight against chronic disease. Welld has curated an extensive library of tutorial videos. Or feel free to add your own videos and PDFs for your participants to access directly from their Welld account. Coaches can track which materials have been viewed. Your participants can use Welld’s integration service to connect their wearable activity trackers and apps to help them set and meet activity goals.