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Cleared for Entry - Temperature Screening at Your Front Door

How do we reopen the facility and keep our members safe?

People in line for a temperature screening with a checklist of recommendations for facilities.

Reopening after the pandemic will bring enough challenges - let Welld help you manage your COVID-19 screenings. We developed the infographic above for quick recommendations on screening setup. A key recommendation is to use our quick-access screens to record members’ temperature readings and their answers to the recommended five question survey. Download the full infographic here.

Activity & Wellness Data

HIPAA Compliant

Keep your members' biometric and travel history safe and secure using Welld's HIPAA compliant screens. Don't clutter marketing or member management systems with private health data like temperature.

Official Weigh Ins

Quickly Record Temperature and Answers to Screening Questions

Optimized for speed while respecting security, Welld screens allow easy member lookup and quick data entry. Some forehead scanners are Bluetooth enabled, but most users found it easier to simply type the results for a matching member record.

Wellness Education

Run Daily Reports

Welld integrates with your current check-in system to ensure each screening is matched to a check-in. Flagging any check-ins that do not have a screening is as important as someone with a temperature over 100.4° F.

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