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MedHealthFit and their HealthyStats Program, Delivered Through Welld


The Evolution of Medical Fitness

Over the past 30 years medially based exercise programs have evolved from cardiac rehab to cancer care, diabetes, hypertension, and post rehab orthopedics – to name a few. However, almost all of the research in these areas came from hospitals and universities, when most of the actual exercise programs are performed in health clubs, studios, and recreation centers.

Medicine is undergoing a big transformation, and part of this relies on data. We have all heard of AI, machine learning, and cost containment using data. In fitness, the most important information is outcomes. We already know the amazing benefits of exercise in medicine. The next step is to detail these programs through proper outcomes.

The Power of Data

In 2018, Marshall, Groves and colleagues devised the first population health program for a series of medical fitness clubs in New Jersey. They looked at a number of medical conditions, used a standardized testing and training program, and found great results in blood labs, metabolic conditions, weight loss, neurological improvements, and quality of life scores. Dr. Jay Groves and his colleagues should be applauded for taking the concept of research-based outcomes and applying them in the health club setting – with personal trainers, and basic types of biometric and behavioral testing.

Introducing Healthy Stats Outcomes Software

As we move past the Covid-19 era of “non-essential” services, and closed health clubs – our goal to reopen clubs, and KEEP them open, is to become an essential service across the board. The best way is to have trainers and coaches use outcomes for their medically based clients. How? The new Healthy Stats outcomes software platform developed by Medical Health and Fitness for Welld Health gives information on data collection for assessments, biometric evaluations, and blood labs. It takes trainers through each exercise therapy session, where they can tap on the types of programs in a few seconds, and at the end of programs (10-20 weeks), they can fill out post program evaluations. Our partnership with Integrative Health in Louisiana allows for consumer blood labs that are critical to assess overall patient health over time. It is the simplest method of collecting and analyzing data for one patient, or for groups of patients over time.

Our Vision for Your Health Program

Lastly – Healthy Stats is part of a national movement. We like to think of ourselves as the “Framingham Study” of the 21st century. We will be able to gather data from cancer wellness programs across the nation, or across the world. We will very soon have information on thousands of patients and submit to high impact medical journals. Are you interested in being a part of the next phase of medical fitness? Welld Health offers the Healthy Stats at a low price, and we want your club and network to be a part of this movement. For more information, contact Eric Durak from Medical Health and Fitness.

Eric Durak, MS is President of Medical Health and Fitness in California. His clinical exercise career spans over 30 years with dozens of medical conditions, and he has been fortunate enough to publish in many high impact medical journals. Edurak@medhealthfit.com

Key Welld Features

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Business and Health Outcomes

Begin with the end in mind. Why would we type all of this data into a system? To understand if what you are doing works. Are your participants meeting their goals? Are their biometrics moving in the right direction? Is the business making any money offering these programs? Welld helps you capture the needed data, then generates simple reports to answer these questions.


Eligibility, Liability, Assessments and Goals

Welld has the forms you need to ensure compliance and program fidelity. From complex eligibility rules in the National DPP (add link) and nutrition counseling, to the numerous biometric, functional movement, and quality of life assessments found in medical integration programs, Welld makes the data entry simple and easy. And don't forget goal tracking! Coaches and participants collaborate to set goals and track progress.

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Education and Activity Tracking

Education is a key component in the fight against chronic disease. Welld has curated an extensive library of tutorial videos. Or feel free to add your own videos and PDFs for your participants to access directly from their Welld account. Coaches can track which materials have been viewed. Your participants can use Welld’s integration service to connect their wearable activity trackers and apps to help them set and meet activity goals.

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