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Welld & InBody: Biomedical Technology at Work


Welld forges digital connections between InBody scales and your program data

Welld's integration with InBody's comprehensive health technology is as easy as stepping on the smart scale. We will integrate with smart wellness technology to securely store all of your users’ health records. You can easily see a participant's recent InBody scans and import the ones you want, or let Welld handle it and import the data whenever a new assessment is available! Welld is powerful but also simple to use - it can help prevent carpal tunnel syndrome with less typing and more time with your members. Read more below!

InBody program outcomes

Outcomes with Data Entry

Understanding your program's outcomes is key to managing and growing your programs in the right way. You can use the "Outcomes" section to easily see the change in key program metrics across time. InBody data can populate in parallel with your own program metrics, giving a you holistic understanding of performance.

Inbody import form for webpage

Simple InBody data imports

Within your own program forms, see the available InBody assessments, and easily import the one you need. InBody data populates real-time for you.

Hand-pick the specific data you need from the wealth of data available through InBody, and see it woven in alongside the other metrics your program is tracking.

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Easy-to-Generate Summaries

Want to give your participants or your referring partners the KPIs that matter? With a few clicks, you can produce elegant letters with both summary and detail level data.

You can even add your own branding to promote your club and program!


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