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Software that supports Healthy Living and Community Integrated Health missions.

Fitness Assesment.

Welld forges a stronger relationship between your Y association and its clinical partners, members, employers, and payers.

Welld makes managing YMCA DPP, Weight Loss, BPSM, and other member programs simple and easy. Welld is the software for referral management and data collection to help you realize your Healthy Living Center’s mission. While we won’t replace your check-in system, we will integrate with it to securely store all of your members’ health records. Welld has all of the workflows to run a smooth, professional healthy living program including person-centered planning, program protocols, health outcomes reporting and claims. Your members can integrate their wearables and track their progress along their path to wellness. Welld is powerful but also simple to use, and your staff will love the straightforward interface. And if all of that isn’t enough, we’ll streamline the claims process to make getting reimbursed so much easier. To learn more about Welld, set up a demo today!

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Full DPP Support

Program data

Easily collect data for all of the programs you offer including the National Y Programs. Track referrals, enrollments, and business and health outcomes across all programs at all locations. Simple screens help make sure data is collected correctly.

Insurance Claims

Claims data

Whether you get reimbursed through claims-based or direct payer contracts, Welld makes sure each payer gets the session and milestone data they need to be able to process your claims or invoices.

Multi-Location, Multi-Program

Health data

Maintain a detailed stat history for each member so you can monitor their progress and refine their FitPlan. Get aggregate outcomes data for a program or branch to prove your impact on community health.

HIPAA Compliant

Member Features

Y Members receive free access to Welld features to track the health data, connect any wearable device, watch educational videos, and participant in Y programs.