Test my strength? Image my body? Judge my progress? Historically, some of us cringe when it’s time to be assessed. We remember the school counselor telling us we’d be great in the sanitation industry. Health assessments can cause even more cringe. We worry that the numbers will be so far off the mark that we’ll never catch up.

But assessments are vital for any service business to learn about their clients and tailor their services to them. acac and Welld Health figured out how to overcome historical reluctance from members, combine the data with conversational context, and provide the “Gold Standard” for tailored member exercise experiences.

“We use insights from our assessments to tailor routines for our participants,” explained Chris Craytor, President and COO of acac. “We provide a better experience to our members by getting to know them through conversations and measured assessments.”

The data is also extremely useful to prove outcomes to company and physicians who partner with fitness centers to offer structured assessment-based programming. Check out how acac and Welld achieved their success using health data assessments in IHRSA’s recent article “The Best in Assessments”.

We think EXOS’ Vice President of Research and Nutrition Amanda Carlson-Phillips said it best. "We offer assessments because we believe we have to learn about a person to design an appropriate program and provide a world class experience."