Beyond Just Discounting Memberships

“In order to qualify for premium reductions, companies have to prove that outcomes—such as reduced BMI, weight, blood pressure, or cholesterol—are being met. ... So clubs have had to move beyond just selling memberships to create true, outcome-based corporate fitness offerings.” -- Allison Flatley, Director of Industry Relations, IHRSA

It’s been a few years since IHRSA contributing author Patricia Amend wrote Achieving Tangible Results with Corporate Fitness – a piece that has been a guiding light for Welld Heath as we have launched. It lays out the need for detailed data on employee wellness behavior as a driver for clubs to move toward health related outcomes tracking. Said simply, clubs need to report more than club vists if their corporate partners want better insurance premiums.

As we re-read the article, a few key points stand out as still true:

  1. Despite its rough ride through politics lately, the Affordable Care Act continues to incentivize companies to provide corporate wellness programs that require data on a level deeper than just check-ins. These incentives drive their need to find health and wellness providers that can combine activity tracking exercise with outcomes based programs.
  2. More companies are looking to health and wellness providers to communicate outcomes directly to insurance, to lower premiums and to meet wellness goals.
  3. There’s no need to discount your membership for these companies’ employees, not when you are providing next-level services and delivering crucial data.

Obviously we’re biased. We’ve developed Welld as a technology to meet the demands of both physician referred exercise and corporate wellness programming.

Attract new members and increase revenue by offering a Corporate Incentives Program.

Welld lets your club provide corporate partners with the deeper data they need for insurance companies. Pair your onsite screenings, lunch & learns, and other corporate wellness strategies with a technology that supports everyone involved in the process.

  • Corporate partners get their own logins to pull their own reports. They can now understand their employee population without fear of a HIPAA violation.
  • Employees track their own data and participate in challenges. They receive educational materials and real time progress for everything from chronic disease management programs to simple drinking water challenges.
  • Clubs get the opportunity to convert corporate employees who would not normally look into a gym. Rather that giving up margin on deep corporate discounts, they can find leads for people who might not otherwise think of a fitness center membership.

Simply navigate to Companies in our Outreach module, and you’ll see everything you need to manage the relationship. We provide a unique registration link for each company, letting their employees self-register for Welld. Employees are can pick a program and/or a challenge at your club, complete an annual wellness assessment, and connect a wearable. Your corporate partner can have a special login to manage their employees, see challenge scores and get aggregated health outcomes to help them quantify the value of your relationship.

“A local manufacturing plant was looking for a better exercise experience for their employees. I’ve used Welld for my physician-referred program, but by connecting BMW into my Welld platform, I’ve given a key partner the tools they need while opening an entire new channel for memberships. “ - Kevin Dehlinger, Executive Director Sportsclub Fitness & Wellness

With Welld, you’ll see stats on enrollment and conversion rates for each corporate partner, plus you’ll see health outcomes for specific employee populations. These insights are invaluable in reaching out to additional companies looking for health club partnerships as part of their corporate wellness programming.

We’re here to help.

Want to know more about successful models for running corporate incentive programs? Contact Welld Health today at Our technology supports numerous strategies, and we’d be happy to share of few of them with you.