How do we reopen the facility and keep our members safe?

CDC is out with advice on temperature screening for Dialysis Centers and for Homeless Shelters. How do we adapt this advice to community centers and gyms? While these articles have the basic tips on using no-touch temporal thermometers (hint: do not use your mom’s old “under the tongue” thermometer) as well as some good advice on handling people who show up with a fever (another hint: advise folks to take their own temperature before showing up), the guidelines are less helpful when it comes to the operational aspects of the screening process.

So we polled our clients who are in the midst of figuring out their protocols and knowing everyone likes a good checklist, we broke them down into three groups:

1. Setup the facility

  • Keep a hand sanitizing station right at the front door.
  • Use signage to explain the new check-in process.
  • Place the screening station between ten to twenty feet before the front desk.
  • Aim for single file lines with marked indicators to facilitate appropriate social distancing.

2. Record your work

  • Use HIPAA-compliant software like Welld to record temperature and survey answers.
  • Keep records to ensure staff are performing the check-in screenings.
  • Use the technology to respond immediately to health inspector audits.

3. Prepare for “discussions”

  • Ensure no one checks in without completing a screening first.
  • Station a second staff member behind the screening station but in front of the check-in desk to handle members with questions and concerns.
  • Train your staff to handle irritated members, members who try to come back in less than the allotted self-quarantine time, and members who might not be comfortable with temporal scanners.

Check out the infographic on

Your state will direct you on the use of gloves, masks, and sneeze-guards. And they may be more or less specific on front door screening. But it’s important for all of us to remember, proper screening is not just about reopening, it’s about squashing the spread of a virus in our facilities.

We’re here to help.

We’ve all been through TSA lines at the airport. Let’s not let our facilities become a similar source of frustration. Set expectations early and often, separate screening from check-in, and monitor that staff are not waiving people through. In addition to protecting your members and staff, your business may depend on your documentation when the health inspectors arrive. Contact Welld Health today at to learn more about our support for reopning.