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Simplify your Operations

  • Run National DPP, Medicare DPP, or YMCA DPP with streamlined onboarding, data tracking, reporting and referrals
  • Grow your program with seamless, bi-directional referrals from clinical partners
  • Leverage your CDC recognition to become an MDPP supplier
  • Submit claims through a billing platform that understands how to bill National DPP, MDPP and Medicaid DPP services
  • Partner up! Are you interested in becoming or joining an Umbrella Hub Arrangement?

Work with the experts

The prevention of Diabetes is not just business to us. Welld is working with CDC, national and regional organizations since 2018 to expand access to the program. We're committed to offering solutions that build sustainability, connect programs to payers and empower partnerships that make an impact.

Welld is user-friendly and built with the features you need to grow your program.

Welld's Diabetes Prevention Solution makes managing your program as easy as possible. Our goal: reduce your administrative burden and get you back to coaching. 

  • Referral Management to onboard new leads
  • Cohorts screens keep track of your participants
  • Schedules and events help you see which education has been delivered and who needs a makeup
  • One-click DPRP reports ensure you never have to remember which code means virtual makeup
  • Built-in payer fee schedules and payer clearinghouse integration brings it all home. Get paid for your hard work!
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Want to See it in Action?

We'll talk you through the screens, while we also explain the program and getting started.

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Activity & Wellness Data


We are proud to offer a CDC recognized program to help monitor and maintain program requirements for a participant.

Personalized Goal Tracking


Whether Medicare, Medicare Advantage, other insurance plan, or direct invoice, Welld will process your claims with full auditable confidence.

Wellness Education


Welld has all DPP curriculums available, in English, Spanish, and any language you like. Plus, we can always build your personal curriculum if you operate the program your way. 

HIPAA Compliant


Welld Health doesn't run the program, we help you run the program. You supply the certified coaches, we'll make sure you document everything correctly.